Routine Dental Cleanings Boost Oral Hygiene in a Big Way!

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Why is it important to visit the dentist regularly? There are many reasons why going to the dentist is a good thing. For many people, it is not their favorite place to be because of past traumatic visits, the sounds or smells. But let’s focus on the good of being on top of your oral health and hopefully making your next visit a good experience. Because it should be and it’s never too late! 

Prevents cavities:

When you’re sitting there watching TV and your tongue can feel that fuzzy film build-up on your teeth, you’re probably thinking “It’s been a minute since I’ve been to the dentist”. That stuff, that’s plaque. Plaque, (“sugar/acid”) builds upon our teeth after time and can eat away tooth enamel (the “hard surface”) of a tooth that can lead to cavities. We can remove this plaque by brushing our teeth 2 times daily and going to visit the dentist and having our dentist or dental hygienist clean your teeth with dental tools, taking dental X-rays of your teeth to check for bone loss, cavities and oral cancers.  

Brighten smiles:

We consume many foods and drinks that stain our teeth, making them yellow or brown looking. Going to the dentist, your hygienist can remove and polish off the stain and build-up that can’t be removed from our everyday brushing and flossing. Hygienists can also educate us on the benefits of fluoride in our everyday diets, water and toothpaste. They can also apply fluoride during your dental cleaning that helps rebuild your tooth enamel.  

Fresh breath:

You might think that swishing with water or mouthwash is enough. It is a good start and definitely helps. Think about the food that builds up on your tongue or is in those hard-to-reach places you can’t get to yourself. Nobody wants halitosis (bad breath), so keeping up with your routine dental cleanings helps with fresh breath by keeping your mouth clean and smelling fresh.  

Boost overall health:

There are so many connections indicating that many health risks can start in the mouth. Keeping up with your routine cleanings and taking the necessary X-rays can help us make sure we are noticing any changes in your teeth, jawbones, sinus, oral cavity. We make sure there is no decay, infection, cancer or disease that could lead to more serious health risks in the future, like heart disease and stroke. We can’t always see these conditions with the naked eye, making X-rays and scans so important to take. Next time you’re in the office make sure to ask our dentist the importance of regular routine cleanings that can lower the risks of bigger dental problems down the road like catching cavities before they’re bigger and turn into root canals and crowns, or boneless extractions leading to dental implants or dentures.  

Saves money: 

If you have dental insurance, most policies pay for your routine dental cleanings and X-rays. These are called preventative work, helping ensure that you don’t need to have major dental work done. If you don’t have insurance, some offices provide in-office specials for cleanings. As much as dentists love doing dental procedures, their main goal is keeping their patients healthy and that starts with cleaning. Keeping up on your cleanings even though they cost some money is actually keeping money in your pocket too. Our health, teeth and smiles are investments since we need them every day. We are here to take care of you, that’s our goal. Let us help you!