Are Dental Implants Really Scary or Is That Just a Modern Myth?

Dental implant … just the word "implant" sounds scary and intense. But really they are not, they allow for an alternative to bridges and dentures when the lack of natural teeth cannot support them. Dental implants are now one of the leading dental procedures. They are innovative, clean, precise, and strong. You may be a good patient for the implant... read more »

Routine Dental Cleanings Boost Oral Hygiene in a Big Way!

Why is it important to visit the dentist regularly? There are many reasons why going to the dentist is a good thing. For many people, it is not their favorite place to be because of past traumatic visits, the sounds or smells. But let's focus on the good of being on top of your oral health and hopefully making your... read more »

Beat the End of Year Rush and Don’t Let Your Benefits Go to Waste

Get in early! Schedule your appointments now before the schedule fills up! Each year, millions of dollars are wasted by not maxing out your dental benefits or using up the money set aside in your FSA. Most dental insurance companies reset their “benefit year” starting on January 1st. This means you have until the end of December to get in... read more »

DIY Ortho: Is it Safe?

It seems like the do-it-yourself fad has infiltrated every industry and dentistry is no different. From Facebook to YouTube, videos for at-home, no-dentist-required orthodontics are all over the place. But DIY-ing it can lead to more severe and more costly problems down the line. Proper orthodontic treatment requires a trained professional. And that expertise costs money. You wouldn’t DIY your... read more »

Five Tips to Make Your Orthodontic Adjustments More Comfortable

Anyone who’s had braces can tell you the initial appointment to have your braces put on is just the beginning. Monthly appointments for adjustments and tightening can be a real pain in the, well, mouth. Some changes cause less discomfort, especially as treatment nears the end, but some can make your teeth so sore that it hurts to eat mashed... read more »

Electric Toothbrushes Offer One More Reason to Smile

Electric toothbrushes are an excellent idea for everyone, but for people with arthritis, cognitive impairments or those who have suffered a stroke, an electric toothbrush can be a little breath of independence that gives a boost of self-confidence. Little has changed design-wise in the 2,000-plus years since toothbrushes have been around. Even the Ancient Babylonians knew the importance and attractiveness... read more »

The River Within

Everybody loves the brilliance of a friendly smile and the pleasure of chewing their favorite foods. But in the 1990's, researchers discovered a correlation between gum disease and other health problems, including heart disease. Over the last 30 years, evidence has continued to link oral and general health. Here's a fascinating look at what we know, and how you can... read more »

Goodbye Cavities?

Every year, Over 175 million teeth are filled in the U.S. to repair damage from cavities. A blend of bacteria, sugar, and immune factors create a complex process that affects the quality of life in every age group. Did you know that researchers are uncovering innovative methods that could make traditional fillings a practice of the past? Here's a look... read more »