Dental Fillings

As one of the most common dental treatments provided by Dr. Jason Skinner, dental fillings in Murray, Utah, are used by our dentist to fill cavities in your teeth created by dental decay. We use a composite filling to match your natural tooth color for a more uniform look. Call Skinner Dental today at 801-313-1800 and schedule an appointment with us!

If your tooth has suffered minor damage, whether as a result of dental cavities, fracturing or chipping, our team can help with a dental filling. This restoration option is commonly used to address minor tooth damage, returning the natural structure of the tooth and restoring the health and function of your smile. When you visit our office for your dental filling, our dentist will suggest one of two types of common dental filling materials: composite filling or amalgam filling.

The entire dental filling process is very simple and can take place in one visit to Skinner Dental. A member of our team will start by removing the decayed or damaged section of your tooth, cleaning the remaining tooth thoroughly to remove any remaining traces. The cleaned area is then filled with the chosen filling material, which is molded to match the tooth’s original shape and hardened by our dentist for long-lasting results.

If you are looking to repair minor damage or decay in your smile, a dental filling could be the simple solution you need to restore your smile’s health and function. To learn more about what dental fillings can do for you, call or visit our office to schedule your next appointment.