General & Family Dentistry Murray, UT

We are excited to offer treatments for general and family dentistry in Murray, Utah! We offer a variety of services and invite you to look through what we have! If you have questions or would like to learn more, give Skinner Dental a call at 801-313-1800 and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Jason Skinner.

General and family dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on helping our patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles throughout their life through both routine check-ins and more complicated restorative treatments. This applies to family members of all ages, and we are happy to help you care for your whole family’s dental health. Our comprehensive services, comfortable office, and skilled team of dentists, assistants and hygienists are here to meet all your smile needs and help you achieve your family’s goals for oral health and beauty.

One of the most important preventive procedures for you and your family is your regular dental cleanings, which we recommend you schedule every six months. Is it during these visits that our team gets the chance to thoroughly clean and examine your mouth for any potential health issues, stopping gum disease in its tracks and addressing anything that may become a problem in the future. If your smile needs special attention to restore it to full health, our team may recommend more frequent visits. If you or a member of your family experience any dental pain, damage due to injury or other dental emergencies, we are here to help! Please call our offices as soon as possible to schedule your appointment. You can learn more about the general and family services our team offers when you visit our friendly dental office. You can also call our team today to schedule your appointment.