Foods to Avoid When You Have an Implant Restoration


Missing a tooth? An implant restoration just may be in your near future. Anytime someone is missing a tooth, the potential for oral issues to arise is high. When a tooth is missing, it leaves a gap where the tooth used to be. This gap needs to be filled in in order for the teeth to not move and shift, which can lead to another whole set of oral problems. If you are missing a tooth, you will need to visit your dentist in order to find out the best solution for tooth repair, which will likely involve using a dental implant for restoration purposes.

Whether you have had dental implants before or this is your first time, certain guidelines need to be followed when having this type of tooth repair to ensure it is the best choice.

What exactly does an implant restoration mean?

An implant restoration, more commonly known as a dental implant, is one of the more popular dental technologies used today when it comes to choosing amongst the best dental advances for damaged tooth repair. The process is one that has proven to be highly efficient over the years as it is one of the best procedures for restoring a tooth back to its original condition. While every dental patient is going to be different, these implants can last for many years, with the average being about 25 years.

When a dental implant fails for one reason or another, it will need to be restored. Depending on the reason why the implant needs to be restored will determine the next necessary steps.

Only a professional dentist can determine why an implant would need to be restored. A broken implant should be seen by a dentist within three days for the best chance of restoration success.

Top foods to avoid, and tips

The following are some of the top foods that should be avoided by those who have had one or more of their dental implants restored, along with a few tips.

  • Eat only soft foods during the first couple of weeks (no popcorn or rice)
  • Do not skip any meals and drink plenty of fluids (no hot drinks for 3 days)
  • Avoid eating any type of sticky food, i.e. candy, peanut butter
  • Avoid eating super hard foods, i.e. nuts, pretzels
  • Avoid eating crunchy foods, i.e. apples, chips

Got questions?

Our team of dental experts is always available to take your call when you have questions about any of the dental procedures we offer. If you are currently missing a tooth and would like more information on how an implant restoration can improve your overall good oral health, we request that you call to set up an initial consultation. This way you can have information on all of the tooth repair options that are indeed available to you!

Did you know that dental implants can be done in only two office visits? Call us now for the details.

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