Are Dental Implants Really Scary or Is That Just a Modern Myth?

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Dental implant … just the word “implant” sounds scary and intense. But really they are not, they allow for an alternative to bridges and dentures when the lack of natural teeth cannot support them. Dental implants are now one of the leading dental procedures. They are innovative, clean, precise, and strong. You may be a good patient for the implant if you are missing more than one tooth. Instead of having a three or four-unit bridge, choose an implant.

Pros of Dental Implants:

You’re only treating one tooth in your mouth and surgically placing titanium in your jawbone that fuses with your bone creates a strong base to support a porcelain crown. If you are unable to wear your dentures, implants can support, improve speech and makes for a beautiful smile. When treatment is done, there really is little to no bleeding because the implant is placed right in the socket where the tooth was removed or the bone was drilled into to place an implant.

Cons of Dental Implants:

Sometimes, one con is that the length of treatment for healing and replacing the missing tooth is longer. Depending on each patient’s situation from start to finish, a full implant treatment can take four to eight months. If the bone was drilled into to place an implant, the patient can expect to feel that sore bone was cut into much like a tooth extraction. Depending on the treatment patients can be expected to need pain meds and possibly an antibiotic to help with healing and prevent infection. Some patients do great with just over-the-counter Advil. But always advise your dentist for prescriptions if needed. 

Here at Skinner Dental, Dr. Skinner places implants every day. We have some of the greatest implant technology for placing implants. Digital scans, 3D X-rays, and software can show us exactly how and where to place your dental implant. Consult with us if you feel you would be a great patient who could benefit from dental implants.